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Hello! I'm Richel and I will be your main photographer and lead throughout our time together. I must admit, photography is a huge part of who I am, but there are other aspects about me worth sharing. Firstly, I am one half of the Richel + Steve duo. Steve is my best friend and number one support in everything I do. We are both fur parents to our 2 cats, Willow and Mochi, and we love being outdoors either hiking, camping, or Steve’s new found love- jeeping. Whether we’re outdoors exploring the wild landscape or indoors snuggling up with our kitties, spending my life with my partner fuels my passion for love and documenting it! Being outside connected with nature inspires me deeply to be grounded to our roots and create art with a wild and free heart. 

Hi, I'm Richel!

Couples choose Steve and me to document their love because they can feel ours and trust that we can make them feel comfortable and relaxed. They know that we will be there to guide them throughout the whole process, from planning to posing, and enjoy the journey all the while. We take the passion from our love and apply it to capture your romance in an artful and timeless way that you can pass down for future generations! As corny as it is, we love LOVE and truly hope we get the opportunity to be a part of and tell your story. 

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Back when Richel was in school for photography, I remember being amazed with her ability to capture such beautiful images whenever a camera was in hand. Occasionally Richel would give me her camera to take her portraits, and I realized over time I had an "eye" for capturing the perfect moments.  When I proposed to Richel in Italy, our photographers were a husband and wife team that worked so well with each other and had fun doing so. In return, it felt comfortable, loving, and fun for us as a couple! From that moment on, I wanted to do the exact same with Richel and work together as a team to give couples a fun, loving, and once in a lifetime experience.

And I'm Steve!

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